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Three Books about the expeditions of French Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle into Oklahoma and Arkansas

By Dr. Lee Woodard

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Secret La Salle Monument
 & Historical Marker

Mysterious Heavener, Oklahoma Runestone is a 1687 Normandy French Monument. It tells  the nearby Death Locations of Famous French Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle and six others. This book tells the initial discovery.

Woodard discovered that this large Runestone oddity is not of Scandinavian Origin, as incorrectly advertised for so long at an Oklahoma State Park. It is instead a 1687 Normandy French Memorial Monument.  

It uses Normandy French Runes (La Salle was from Rouen Normandie) for concealing French messages from Spanish Soldiers. La Salle's tragedy-plagued Matagorda Bay Area French colonization attempt was into territories claimed by Spain since the early 1500's. La Salle and his men were encroaching upon Spanish American Terrain (even when penetrating to the Poteau and Arkansas River Valleys).

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Petit Jean's Mountain
 The Origin of the Legend

Fascinating true life story of the 1687 Historic La Salle Expedition Drowning Tragedy which claimed life of a young French Noble. That death resulted in the Old Arkansas oral Legends about Petit Jean's Mountain and River.      This is an important sequel to the book "Secret La Salle Monument And Historical Marker."

Oklahoma La Salle discoveries convinced Dr. Lee Woodard that on St. Jeans Day, June 24, 1687, the seven fleeing French survivors of the La Salle expedition were at what is now known as Petit Jean Mountain of Arkansas.

On that date, says Woodard, young French Noble, de Marne, drowned in the nearby Arkansas river, and was buried near the top of Petit Jean Mountain.




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7 Noms
At Wicked Fork
 Where La Salle Died

To supplement this coverage of fascinating Early French Colonial American History consult Dr. Woodard's newest book, "7 Noms" At Wicked Fork Where La Salle Died

The newer book, "7 Noms" At Wicked Fork Where La Salle Died should be consulted for updated clarifications and recent Newspaper and Television Coverage.



Dr.  Lee Woodard's education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Dr. of Ministry. In 1983 Dr. Lee Woodard had just completed his doctorate and had begun forensic paleographical study of a famous old Codex of the Four Gospels. He had moved to Heavener, OK, home of "The Runestone," a huge slab of stone upon which is a carved an old and obsolete alphabetic script, about which there had been much controversy and uncertainty. 


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